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Election Day 2018
Tuesday, Nov. 6

Please vote for all the Republican candidates. They are qualified and ready to do the job.
James Comer -- U.S. Congress
Larry Elkins -- State Representative
Linda Avery -- Circuit Clerk
Kenny Imes -- County Judge Executive
Bryan Ernstberger -- County Attorney
Janus Vilardo -- Coroner
Christopher Jones -- County Surveyor
William "Bill" Duncan -- Magistrate, 2nd district
Don Cherry -- Magistrate, 3rd district
Paul Rister -- Magistrate, 4th district

There are a number of non-partisan school board and city races. Voters in Hazel will elect a mayor and city council. Voters in Murray will elect a mayor and city council.

All voters will be asked to vote on a constitutional amendment. The amendment reads:
Are you in favor of providing constitutional rights to victims of crime, including the right to be treated fairly, with dignity and respect, and the right to be informed and to have a voice in the judicial process?

The Murray Ledger and Times prepared an election guide. Click here to read their guide.

Calloway County sample ballot

Click here to find your voting location.

Register to vote/change party affiliation

NOTE: Voter registration is currently closed for the primary.

In order to vote in the Republican primary you must be registered as a Republican. The deadline to change party affiliation is Dec. 31. You may register to vote or change party affiliation online or at the County Clerks office.

You may download a voter registration card and mail it in if you prefer to use the mail.

Kentucky election results

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